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Photo Gallery: pillory

1815Tameing (i.e.taming) a shrew. Or Petruchio's patent family bedstead, gags & thumscrews. Cartoon showing woman restrained in a bed fashioned like a pillory. Her husband sits up in bed beside her, holding a whip and gag. Selected from a collection of vintage British cartoons mostly published from 1780 to 1830. Credit: Williams fecit. Collection: british cartoons
1889Delaware pillory and whipping post. Ground level whipping post, above which is a platform for the pillory, presently occupied by two African American men; a ladder leans against the platform, a group of men loiter in the background. Credit: Fox, Samuel M., fl. 1870-1890, photographer. Collection: Miscellanious Items
1907Two prisoners in pillory with another tied to whipping post below and man with whip in prison in Delaware. Credit: George Grantham Bain. Collection: Bain
Editor's SelectionPillory. Collection: Novo
Editor's SelectionChinese Man. Keyword: Pillory. Credit: stock image. Collection: Clipart
Source: compiled from various sources (under license) copyright 2014

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